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Trumpeter Chubb really plays it like he lives it if the sounds behind the title are any indication here. You can listen to this casually and hear a dandy, swinging modern session or you can dig a little deeper and hear that life force that just keeps some cats looking for the eternal, existential, mind blowing chord. Either path you take, you won’t be disappointed. The organic nature of his playing is what really makes this work which separates it from pretty sessions that you are glad you hear once but never seem to come back to. This is the real deal that keeps knocking it out of the park.
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Selected Side and Past Projects


The Ted Chubb    Quartet


The Ted Chubb quartet is a classic jazz quartet with an elegant and mature touch and plays material from the american song book, blues, bossas, and ballads. This band is for listeners with refined tastes and parties looking to add a touch of a classic and vintage era.  This quartet can be heard regularly at the fantastic Royalton Park Hotel in NYC.

Ted is a great talent and very clearly dedicated to the music. The sound of his trumpet commands the listener to tune in.
— Carmen Lundy - vocalist and recording artist

Winard Harper & The Jeli Posse

Exuberant, swing savvy, jazz drum legend Winard Harper and Jeli Posse bring rising talent to the jazz apprenticeship forefront. The contemporary griots draw on African and Carribean influences with scintillating results.  Winard Harper - drums + baliphone, Tadataka Unno - piano, Vince Dupont - bass, Anthony Ware - saxophone, Ted Chubb - trumpet, Foluso M - percussion, AC Lincoln - tap dance


The Wallace Roney Orchestra

Wayne bestowed on to Wallace Roney the scores to two large scale, large ensemble pieces that Wayne conceived and composed for Miles when he was still in the band but were never recorded (or even performed) and told Wallace he was now the person who could best fully realize these works. These two major works, Legend (composed in 1967) and Universe (composed in 1968 and 69) are amazing in their scope and breadth and show Wayne to already be a fully formed masterful composer and orchestrator of large scale works at this early date in his career. These compositions represent a major discovery in the canon of one of the greatest composers in the history of jazz.  Wallace Roney, who has performed and recorded with Wayne and was Miles Davis’ only protege, being mentored by him when he was playing in Tony Williams’ band, has become a pivotal artist on the scene in his own right. With his vast experience with these great artists, he is clearly the right choice to bring this important music to life.


New Tricks

New Tricks is a tight knit chord-less quartet rooted in the jazz tradition and committed to musical exploration,featuring memorable compositions and dynamic group interplay. New Tricks has developed a unique sound and singularity of purpose over the past five years of touring nationally and performing locally in NYC release two albums to critical acclaim.

New Tricks conveys a distinct New York sound on its aggressively swinging sophomore effort. The quartet puts a new spin on an old hard-bop formula without crossing over into the avant-garde camp.
— Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

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