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Over the last decade Ted has set himself apart as one of the most in demand and proven educators in the NY/NJ area as well as across the United States and abroad. Ted has a passion for sharing the power that jazz can have in a student’s life.  In addition as serving as Director of Music for the internationally respected jazz education program Jazz House Kids, he also served as teaching artist in their inner city public school weekly residency programs in Newark NJ for three years.  Ted served as in house faculty member for 5 years specializing in small ensembles, improvisation classes, and adult ensembles.  He oversaw the Jazz House Big Band program that’s top ensemble placed 2nd at The Essentially Ellington Competition at Jazz @ Lincoln Center, two years in a row.  He has given lectures on the life and music of Dizzy Gillespie as well as on preparing for the college audition process.  In addition to his work at Jazz House Kids he has has adjudicated for the NJ State Jazz Ensemble finals and taught master classes at some of the top institutions across the country such as Oberlin, Michigan University, Cal State North Bay, Iowa State University, Northern Iowa, Indiana University and the Conservatory of Lima, Peru.

In 2015 and 2016 Ted organized cultural exchange tours to Peru in partnership with the United States Embassy in Peru.  The ensembles were comprised of top Jazz House Kids students, teaching artists and vocalist and founder Melissa Walker and performed for school children and communities in need through out Lima, Cusco, and the amazon city of Iqiutos.

Ted is a disciple of master trumpet teacher William B. Fielder and his concept of air “Flow”.  Some of Fielder’s former students include Wynton Marsalis, Terence Blanchard, Terrell Stafford, and Sean Jones among many of today’s leading jazz trumpeters.   The concept taught to Ted by Fielder originates with the great orchestral trumpet players Adolph Herseth and Vince Chicowitz of the Chicago Symphony.

As a private instructor with over 17 yrs of experience Ted has taught students of all age ranges and levels, from beginners to high school students planning their auditions for college, to college students and adults.  He has a proven track record of students achieving results and college scholarships to the premier jazz programs across the United States.  He strongly believes in a one on one connection between the private instructor and student and how essential the bond is to the student’s growth and maturation process. 

The following areas are covered in his private instruction.

  •  Air flow and proper body use and function while playing
    • Ted is a dedicated practitioner of Yoga and brings this practice of breathing techniques, body use, and mental focus of being in the moment as it applies to trumpet playing.
  • Developing a consistent practice habit and focus on brass fundamentals
    • Articulation
    • Developing a concept of sound
  •  Site reading
  •  Improvisation
    • Be-bop vocabulary
    • Chord, scale relationships, harmony
    • Transcription and practical use
    • Style and rhythm
  • Understanding of the history and culture of jazz music and how that informs performance
  •  Repertoire
  • Memorization techniques

For lesson scheduling and rates both in person and via Skype/Facetime please email